Reaction-Spam Wars

For my critique I read “Spam Wars” on the MSNBC website. I thought that in general the story sections were well written and informative. The author took spam, a topic which doesn’t seem like it would be interesting at all, and turned it into a story that is informative and relevant. Anecdotes, such as the story of Mary Youngblood who calls people to let them know that their computer is being used for spam, are used in a way that keeps the story interesting. Although some of the sections are a bit long, the text portion of the piece works well.

I thought that the multimedia portion could have been better. I thought that the game on the first page was a cool idea because I don’t normally see a game used in a multimedia story. However the game itself was kind of difficult to understand. The top ten spammers link I could not get to load so I am not quite sure whether that added or did not add to the story. The Q&A section was a good addition because it gave a brief breakdown of the story, but the text in the Q&A was hard to read.

I did like this piece but I think that there was too much text and not enough multimedia. I think that if some of the text were removed and replaced with some other types of media this may have been a more interesting story.


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