This week, instead of doing research for my next text module I focused on trying to put things in place for my slide show. I had one idea for a slide show initially which would be a grand opening celebration during earth week, but because that takes place so close to the time that our slide show is actually due, I wanted to try to have another slide show option that I would have more time to work on ahead of time. I may still attend the grand opening celebration and put together a slide show of that as well, but that would be in addition to this one.

I spoke with Christine Truett of the Living Classrooms Foundation about an environmental festival held each year with Baltimore City School children in Farring Baybrook park in Baltimore City. As part of their science curriculum, the students learn about the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Toward the end of the year the students, who are all fifth graders, take part in an environmental festival in the park where they plant trees and participate in clean ups. There are also booths at the festival from places like the National Aquarium, that bring animals or games for the students to see and particulate in. Christine also said that the students’ parents sign a waiver before they participate in the festival that authorizes photos of the students to be used, so the fact that they are minors should not be an issue when taking the photos.


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