Tree Deals

This week I read the Baltimore Sun article, “Tree Deals-Getting Green for Less”. This article was a brief news story about Baltimore’s plan to plant 1 million trees by 2011 with help in part by community groups. It highlights the environmental benefits of planting trees, including better storm water management and reductions in energy costs. The main purpose of the piece seems to be to draw attention to the benefits and to promote the deals offered by the state and the Parks and People Foundation designed to encourage people to purchase and plant trees.

Although the story itself reads more like an announcement than a news story, it does have interesting information that pertains to my project. While I obviously knew that trees were beneficial to the environment, I did not know about their role in storm water management or energy efficiency. I also didn’t know that there were so many groups in the Baltimore area that were working to plant trees. There is potential to possibly follow up with a few of these groups for a future feature story.

The one thing that I noticed about this article that I didn’t like was the picture. I know this may be a little “nit-picky”, but I saw the picture and realized that I had seen it before. Then I read the caption andrealized that it was the same picture that I saw when researching one of my stories and looking over information about an eco-festival that happens every year. While I think it is a really cute picture of a child planting a tree, I think that there could have been a better picture picked to accompany the story than one that happened at a festival two years ago.


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