Reaction-10,000 words maps

The first interactive map that I viewed on the 10,000 words website accompanied the story of the 2007 bridge collapse in Minneapolis. The map is simply an aerial photo of the bridge with numbered points marked on the bridge where different incidents involving the collapse took place. By clicking on the numbers, you can see an enlarged picture of the section of the bridge and a caption describing what took place there. The map is simple. There are only six points on the map, but it is a useful addition to the story and helps me to really understand the horrific nature of what happened that day by plotting out the separate devastating events that took place over a relatively short stretch of land.

The second map was a map of the Binghamton shootings which maps out the various points in the building that the shooter went through and provides captions of what he did at each point. Maybe it is just my own personal preference or opinion, but I thought the map did more to sensationalize the violence of the story than to add to my understanding of it. In the previous map, the collapse of a bridge and how that bridge managed to collapse is somewhat hard to understand and visualize. However, when the story states that people were forced into a closet and killed I can understand that. Having a map, and especially having a map where at the end it shows the fake people turning red as they are shot with bullets, does nothing to help me understand the situation and makes the whole shooting almost look like a video game.

The third map, which maps the location of a bear attack, is simply a google map that shows the location of the attack and gives the option to click on points in the map like the site of the actual attack. This one is useful to a story like this because if bears are attacking I can imagine the most important thing would be to know the location.


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