Reporting-Information on Baltimore City Initiatives

This week I attended the Environmental Conference at Towson University to see if I could get some more information for my project. I was particularly interested in the information about environmental initiatives in Baltimore City. I spoke with two people who gave me very good information on where to look for upcoming stories.

I spoke with C. Ryan Patterson of the Parks and People Foundation who told me about various community gardens that residents have set up around Baltimore City. Parks and People itself has a city-wide initiative to plant trees in neighborhoods throughout the city. One of the ways that they are doing this is by providing free trees to Baltimore City residents.

I also spoke with Keith LoSoya, the Executive Director of the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance. During his presentation, Losoya spoke of Baltimore’s plans to design a trash system similar to that of the one in San Francisco where there would be landfill trash, recycling, and compost pick up each week. After his presentation I asked Losoya whether he had any information as to whether the single stream recycling program that was set up in the city last year had resulted in any increase in the number of people recycling. He said that it had not and basically said that there are two groups of people in the city; those who are very interested in sustainability and those who are not and the challenge is trying to get the message across to those that are not.


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