Research-Tree Plantings

This week, I read a story about a large scale tree planting in Harford County that appeared in the Baltimore Sun. Volunteers in Harford County planted 900 trees to recognize Arbor Day in Maryland in Harford County Park. This story seemed very typical of any story about tree planting other than the fact that it was tied to Arbor Day, which I knew nothing about. The story was also made more interesting by the facts that it included about the benefit that planting one tree offers to the environment.

I also found this story interesting because while at the environmental conference I learned more about the process of tree plantings. I learned that a certain number of the trees planted during projects such as this die after they are planted. Some of this would happen naturally, regardless of the circumstances. However, I also learned that the very young trees that are planted also need a lot of care to be able to mature and grow, and often the resources and staff are not there to maintain the trees after they are planted. It made me question why the trees are being planted if there is no one that is going to work to ensure their success. It is just interesting to me because it goes along with what I seem to be finding more and more throughout the course of this project. Green initiatives often seem to have good intentions, but have to rely on the right resources to back them up or they will fail.


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