Reaction-text and online reading

For the text portion I read Made for the Medium. This chapter focuses on photojournalism, and how to tell a story and make it interactive for readers with photos. This reading teaches the value of the slide show and how in many instances the slide show can be more practical and interactive than either reading the story in a newspaper or watching it on television. From this reading I was able to gain a little more insight into the value of a slide show and ways to make the slide show appear more interesting. One thing that I wonder about is the fact that the author kept tauting the benefits of the slide show because of the poorer quality of video online. I couldn’t see when this was written, but in my opinion, video online is pretty easy to watch. While I do think that there are many times when slides would work better than video, I wonder if slide shows will become less popular as online video progresses.

Although I don’t know that I would ever attempt anything of this caliber, The Crossing showed me a good example of how to make a long, complicated story into an interesting multimedia presentation. The story was divided into more than 30 chapters, but the ability to move from chapter to chapter, the pictures of those involved, and the compelling story itself kept my attention.


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