Research-Spring Clean Up

For my research post this week I read an article about the citywide spring clean up  in the Baltimore Sun. The article focused on clean ups taking place in Reservoir Hill and Park Heights, but neighborhoods throughout the city participated in the clean up.

In one section of the story the author mentions that residents of Park Heights are replacing a former heavily littered area with a community garden. At the Towson University Environmental Conference last week, one presenter spoke about the various community gardens that Baltimoreans are creating all over the city. If I had more time in the class, or possibly wanted to create and additional text module I think the community gardens would be interesting. If I can find out the location of some of them I may include them on a google map.

The residents interviewed in the story all seem to believe that Baltimore is getting cleaner.  They compare the current year’s clean up to clean ups that have happened in the past years and all seem to agree that while the neighborhoods definitely still have trash and litter, there does seem to be some progress being made. I think the theme of my project is similar. While its is harder and often slower to go green in the city, it can be done.


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