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Reporting-Information on Baltimore City Initiatives

April 12, 2009

This week I attended the Environmental Conference at Towson University to see if I could get some more information for my project. I was particularly interested in the information about environmental initiatives in Baltimore City. I spoke with two people who gave me very good information on where to look for upcoming stories.

I spoke with C. Ryan Patterson of the Parks and People Foundation who told me about various community gardens that residents have set up around Baltimore City. Parks and People itself has a city-wide initiative to plant trees in neighborhoods throughout the city. One of the ways that they are doing this is by providing free trees to Baltimore City residents.

I also spoke with Keith LoSoya, the Executive Director of the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance. During his presentation, Losoya spoke of Baltimore’s plans to design a trash system similar to that of the one in San Francisco where there would be landfill trash, recycling, and compost pick up each week. After his presentation I asked Losoya whether he had any information as to whether the single stream recycling program that was set up in the city last year had resulted in any increase in the number of people recycling. He said that it had not and basically said that there are two groups of people in the city; those who are very interested in sustainability and those who are not and the challenge is trying to get the message across to those that are not.



April 5, 2009

This week, instead of doing research for my next text module I focused on trying to put things in place for my slide show. I had one idea for a slide show initially which would be a grand opening celebration during earth week, but because that takes place so close to the time that our slide show is actually due, I wanted to try to have another slide show option that I would have more time to work on ahead of time. I may still attend the grand opening celebration and put together a slide show of that as well, but that would be in addition to this one.

I spoke with Christine Truett of the Living Classrooms Foundation about an environmental festival held each year with Baltimore City School children in Farring Baybrook park in Baltimore City. As part of their science curriculum, the students learn about the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Toward the end of the year the students, who are all fifth graders, take part in an environmental festival in the park where they plant trees and participate in clean ups. There are also booths at the festival from places like the National Aquarium, that bring animals or games for the students to see and particulate in. Christine also said that the students’ parents sign a waiver before they participate in the festival that authorizes photos of the students to be used, so the fact that they are minors should not be an issue when taking the photos.

Reporting Post

February 15, 2009

I thought that as opposed to writing my first text module about the Masonville Cove project, that I would instead use the Masonville grand opening celebration for my slide show and write my first text module about a green housing development with homes for sale to low income home buyers. This is the first development of its kind in Baltimore. Because the buildings themselves probably would not be enough of a story, I plan to focus on the developers behind the project and the home buyers.


I spoke with Clementine Shields who is the only homebuyer so far. She is a single mother of two and a Baltimore city employee who has been waiting for the past year for the homes to be complete. She was more excited to be a first time homebuyer and less concerned with the green features of the houses but still looked at the home being green as an additional benefit.  

Research Post- Masonville Project

February 8, 2009

I contacted Jessica Chiapelli who is the Outreach Coordinator for the Masonville Cove  project. The group that is responsible for this project was having a meeting to plan their grand opening celebration last week and she suggested that I attend to get more information on the project and to see the site. The Cove is a joint venture between the National Aquarium, The Maryland Port Administration, the Living Classrooms foundation, and the communities of Brooklyn and Curtis Bay.

There is a green “zero energy” building on the site which will be the site of programs organized for Baltimore City school children to learn about the environment. There are also plans to have hiking trails and water access.

The building, however, is accessible and the grand opening will just include the education center portion. They plan to have children from the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development School there to showcase picnic tables which they have built for the site. They will also have students from city schools working in the lab and building bird houses and bat boxes. There are also plans for Governor O’Malley to attend. The event seems like it could potentially be a good event to cover for the slideshow. I plan to talk further with Jessica on Tuesday to get more information about the project.